Cost Effective, Safer, Greener & Cleaner Fuel for vehicles

Autogas is the name for Liquefied Petroleum Gas when it is used to power internal combustion engines of vehicles
. Your vehicle just needs a conversion in its engine with the special Autogas kits to avail various facilities like:

  • An Autogas-powered engine reduces fuel costs: around 40% compared to
    traditional fuels like Petrol, Octane
  • It requires lower Maintenance cost
  • The conversion kit costs 50% less than a cng kit
  • An Autogas-vehicles have enhanced engine life
  • Auto LPG is safer because of significantly lower tank pressure as compared to CNG.
    (CNG is stored at 200-250 Bars pressure while LPG is at a pressure of 10-12 Bars.)
  • Autogas is greener & cleaner as it’s a low carbon-content fuel that can reduce your carbon footprint & harmful emissions with lower engine noise.
  • Auto LPG has far better distribution to gas stations & availability due to ease & safety in storage transportation by Road Tankers.